10/24/12 – PRR Board meets with P&R Director

Lisa Nilsen and several other board members met with Parks & Rec Director Don Hayes at 2:30 PM October 24th, 2012.  Here are the meeting notes:

Meeting with Mr. Hayes:

On Wed., Oct. 24th the entire PRR Board met with Mr. Hayes, the Parks and
Recreation Director. Per his request the board presented him with an 8 page business
plan, which included a brief history (very brief, as our organization is just under 3 weeks
old); our mission and goals; our organizational and management structure (we have
adopted bylaws and submitted articles of incorporation as a non-profit organization) and
a short financial management section.

Mr. Hayes was given a large amount of information to digest. We shared
information about two professional organizations which both guide and support roller
derby leagues, which we will apply to as we qualify.

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and USARS (USA Roller
Sports). The WFTDA, as an organization, provides guidelines for competent skating
skills, rules and regulations of the game and it is our goal to become an Associate
Program within the WFTDA~that is a long term goal, taking at least one year to achieve.

USARS is a national association that, although not an insurance company,
provides insurance to it’s members (individuals) and it’s club charters (such as the

USARS requires a dedicated official practice location to qualify, which in our case
would ideally be the community gym. A club charter is $80/year for the PRR and each
individual skater becomes a card carrying member for $45/year.

The WFTDA requires that a league has 14 skaters on a roster, who each skate 2
hours a week, minimum; also to have been to one away bout and hosted one at home,
in order to qualify as an Associate Program.

The outcome of the meeting was that Mr. Hayes would like to know several
things before he commits to or promises a block of time to our group.

1. He must have a conversation with the City’s Insurer to answer any questions he has
about liability for this activity at the community gym.

2. He would like the PRR to give him 3 days/time blocks which are their first choices for
official practices (open gym in the early morning, Wednesday evenings and open gym
on weekends were some options discussed).
3. He would like to know, do we plan on renting the facility for practices, at $50/hour, or
do we plan to run a program through Parks and Recreation, for which we charge a
fee and split the income from the program 65/35 (our share being 35 and Parks and
Recreation recovering rental fee with their share of the program income).